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Warm Season Grasses will go dormant and turn brown when the soil temperatures falls below 70 Degrees Fahrenheit. However; You can enjoy a Green Lawn during the Winter moths by Over Seeding Ray Grass in the fall.

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  • Turn off the Sprinklers for your lawn for a least a week.
  • Scalp Down the Lawn.
  • Apply Perennial Ryegrass Seed at rate of 25 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. (Spreading the same in two perpendicular directions. 
  • Rake or Drag to ensure the seeds make contact with soil.
  • Lightly cover the seed with no more than 1/4 " of top Soil. This step can help retains moisture and modulates cool temperatures for see germination.
  • Keep seeds damp by watering tree to four times per day with 5 to 10 minutes duration.
  • After Germination (10-15 Days) reduce the watering to once per day for one week.
  • After the Second Mowing, reduce to watering as needed. This dependent upon temperatures, winds or rains.
  • Two week after planting. Fertilize with 6-20-20 Pro Started.
  • Fertilizing too early may cause the Bermuda to compete strongly with the Rye Grass and weaken it the establishment.
  • Waiting too long may allow seedlings to starve and die.
  • Establish nice and green color with 16-4-4 with Iron. 
  • Then Fertilized monthly with 21-4-7 only in the cool seasons (Winter Months).